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Eric Paul Monroe: Full Immersion Virtual Classroom
Teaching Spanish and English As a Foreign Language
Now Celebrating Thirteen Years ~ Celebrando el decimotercero aniversario ~ 欢庆十三周年

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  • Learn from a trained native speaker.
  • Improve phonetic accuracy.
  • Achieve listening comprehension.
  • Understand new vocabulary.
  • Write at a professional level.
  • Ace English language exams.


  • Obtain perfect Spanish grammar.
  • Sound like a native speaker.
  • Recognize all spoken dialects.
  • Rapidly develop fluency in Spanish.
  • Master Spanish composition.
  • Utilize Spanish for business.

Mandarin Chinese

  • Logically, Chinese is easier.
  • Learn more than just pinyin.
  • Read faster in Chinese.
  • Type quickly in Chinese.
  • Use tone to your advantage.
  • 你还等什么?